Niko Wallet-Leather Case for iPhone 8

      • iPhone 8 Leather Case
      • Hard Polycarbonate frame
      • Edge to Edge Protection
      • Available in Bridge Leather & All-Weather Floater Leather
      • Holds up to 3 cards in 1 Pocket
      • Black-framed camera eyelet
      • Premium Leather Lining
      • Clamshell Magnetic Closure
      • “Build Your Own” option available

Type: Discontinued


The functional Niko Wallet Leather Case for iPhone 8 will kick your everyday carry up a notch. It has the same comprehensive, yet slim, edge to edge protection, with an updated magnetic pocket to carry an ID and up to three credit cards. Available in Bridge or Floater Leather with black camera frame for better pictures under low light conditions. Do not hesitate, the Niko Wallet Leather Case for iPhone 8 is worth every penny!

Premium iPhone 8 Wallet Leather Case

Soft and sleek to look at and feel, inside and outside. Enveloping all of your senses with that unmistakable, delicious smell and feel of premium leather. The perfect compliment to your new iPhone 8, Outside, the subtle touch, the extra grip. Inside, your phone will be resting on a fully leather lined bed. No compromises. Ever. Just smart, thoughtful design.

One of a kind

We carefully select all of our full-grain hides from the top 10% of the world-renowned Argentinian leather, celebrated for its unrivaled beauty and strength. Our premium Argentinian Bridge Leather only gets better with age as its distinct patina warms up over time. Please have in mind that if you choose the Top ID iPhone 8 Leather wallet in lighter colors like London, Camel and Orange will darken considerably over time.

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