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Samsung S9 Leather Cases


There’s nothing quite like the feel of a Samsung S9 and S9 Plus leather case. Soft, buttery, and smooth, our leather cases are superior to any other cell phone case on the market. Our Secret? The quality and labor that goes into designing and creating each case. Each case is completely handcrafted with the finest quality Argentine leather, hand-stitched by our leather artists. Each case is a true one-of-a-kind, which is why our leather cases make incredibly personal and thoughtful gifts!

Not only are Vaja cases beautiful and sophisticated - they are also practical and protective! Take a moment to consider how many times you pull out your phone in a day. The number is too high to count! One of the best features of a Vaja case is the protection it offers to one of our most expensive investments. Each Samsung S9 and S9 Plus leather case is made with four-corner protection that will provide added protection in the event of a sudden drop. The case is designed with a hard polycarbonate backbone, featuring Caterina Leather lining and an embossed Vaja logo. They are available in grain black leather or Floater Crown blue for immediate dispatch.


The minute you hold your Samsung phone in the covering of a Vaja leather case, you will immediately feel the difference. While plastic cases provide a superficial protection to outside particles, a leather case provides extra grip and soft feel that only improves with wear. It’s hard to count the number of products that actually improve over time, but Vaja’s Samsung case is an exception. With a rich leather scent, soft and buttery feel, and practicality, you have to agree that the Samsung S9/S9+ leather case is superior.

If you have been searching for a case that is beautiful, sophisticated and doesn’t sacrifice functionality, Vaja is the right pick for you! Soft and supple, you will be hard pressed to find a Samsung case that even compares to what we offer. When you consider the valuable information stored on your phone, it makes sense to invest in the very best on the market.

Protect your device with love and style and get a Vaja leather case.