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Customizable Agenda
Smart Blackberry Passport Leather Case

We continue improving our website for you and our “Build your own” section has been moved to our Global site. Our customizable leather products are completely handcrafted and shipped from Argentina and they do not include "import duties and VAT" for our loyal European customers. Please, refer to the following link if you want to leave this site and visit our “Build your own” section.

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ntroducing the Agenda Leather case for Blackberry Passport, its our classic Grip case with an integrate front cover for even more protection plus an embedded magnet that puts your Passport in sleep mode. Perfect for those who like the look and feel of full natural leather coverage, and the peace of mind of comprehensive, four-corner and screen protection.

Smart Blackberry Passport Leather Case

Smart Blackberry Passport Leather Case 

Smart Blackberry Passport Leather Case

Natural Leather Passport Case

Soft and sleek to look at and feel, inside and outside. Enveloping all of your senses with that unmistakable, delicious smell and feel of natural leather plus a smart cover that will put your device in sleep mode, just by closing the lid. The perfect compliment to your new Passport.

Smart Blackberry Passport Leather CaseSmart Blackberry Passport Leather Case

We call it Art.

At Vaja we take our time, Each experienced craftsmen works with one Blackberry Passport leather case at a time, it starts selecting the right piece of leather, cutting it, splitting every piece to the exact width, embossing our iconic interiors, stretching the natural leather skin over the hard ABS backbone without wrinkles, that's precision hand work. It takes time, is hard, precise, no Mass production. We call it Art.

Smart Blackberry Passport Leather Case

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