Polishing Kit
Wax polishing kit for your Vaja Leather Goods

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Handcraft process will take 30 business days $69.00
Type: Leather Goods
Perfect Match

Our Polishing Kit will give your Vaja Leather Goods a nice quality shine with a more classy and elegant look and feel. It provides a more rugged protection for heavy users keeping your Vaja Leather Goods cleaner over time. The Vaja Wax Aluminum Keeper's leather accent will match with your Vaja Leather Goods.

Vaja Leather Polish Kit Wax


Waxing you Leather Case will result in a smooth shiny finish. It will protect the surface and keep it cleaner over time while also giving it a darker tone. Using this kit with considerable frequency will darken the leather gradually. This process cannot be undone.

Vaja Leather Polish Kit Wax Vaja Leather Polish Kit Wax Vaja Leather Polish Kit Wax

One of a Kind

We carefully select all of our full-grain hides from the top 10% of the world-renowned Argentinian leather, celebrated for its unrivaled beauty and strength.

Vaja Leather Polish Kit Wax Vaja Leather Polishing KIt Wax

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