Caterina Leather

Our Caterina leather is perfect for those who are looking for the softest premium leather available as it needs to be handled with love and care. Some of its most attractive features are its buttery feel as well as its captivating, distinct leathery aroma. Many of our most delicate products, as the Matelasse, Crystal and Stripes models, are made with this leather.


To achieve the vibrant colors of our leather line, we employ an age-old dyeing process as well as a second, newer painting process. This gives our cases a uniform finish and insures the same hue throughout, making it the ideal partner to be color-matched with some of our other vegetable-tanned leathers such as Bridge.

Leather Care

Polish the leather once a week with a dry and clean cloth or a soft and mild brush. With this minimal care, your leather product will provide long-lasting use. We recommend using a neutral cream (Meltonian) sparingly applied with a soft clean cloth and buffed away immediately. Don’t use any chemichal product.



care wax 


For further details on leather care, please click  here.


Our leather hides are meticulously selected to avoid any unnatural marks in the animal skin, such as scars, grooves or insect bites. In addition, a second round of inspections takes place at our factory during the first step of the manufacturing process when the leather is initially cut.

Variety of Grain

While one of the features of this leather is its homogeneity given by its small grain, this varies by area: the grain in the spine area tends to be smaller than the belly area where skin wrinkles are present.