Preserving Your Leather's Story

Every type of leather holds its own unique story, defined by distinct origins and traits. Preserving these characteristics over time requires proper care and maintenance. Life's experiences, from unexpected rain showers to coffee spills, can leave their mark on leather products. Let's explore our two leather care products to understand their differences:

Vaja Leather Wax:


Forms a protective barrier against moisture, dirt, and environmental factors.

Enhances durability, making leather more resilient against wear and tear.

Enriches appearance by imparting a subtle shine and deepening color.

Contains conditioning agents that nourish and moisturize leather.


To apply Vaja Leather Wax, ensure the leather is clean and dry. Test in a hidden spot, then rub evenly onto the surface with a soft cloth. Buff for shine and repeat monthly for optimal results.


Vaja Waterproofer Cream:


Creates a barrier that repels water and moisture, preventing stains and damage.

Recommended for maintaining leather goods' appearance and longevity.


To apply Vaja Waterproofer Cream on your iPhone leather case,clean and dry the leather, then test in a hidden area. Apply a thin, even layer with a soft cloth and allow to dry completely. Buff if desired and repeat every 3 months for ongoing protection.

Our testing revealed insightful results across various leather types. Untreated leather exhibited persistent stains when exposed to water, oil, or coffee. However, pre-treated leather with waterproofer cream showed resilience against liquid infiltration, maintaining its pristine appearance.


With effective waterproofing and nourishing creams, you can rest assured that your leather godoswill stand the test of time.


Bridge Leather

Only the best get better with age

Our BridgeVegetable Tanned Leather it's an untreated vegetable-tanned leather that undergoes a natural tanning process using vegetable extracts, such as tannins found in tree barks, leaves, and fruits. It has a Natural appearance, with earthy colors, that develop a rich, patina over time with exposure to light, oils, and handling, which are more noticeable on the lighter colors such as London, Saddle Tan, and Tabaco. While it may initially feel stiff, it softens with use and develops a unique suppleness over time. It has high absorbency properties, which means it readily absorbs oils, moisture, and dyes. As it ages, the leather darkens and develops a unique character, reflecting the owner's usage patterns and lifestyle.


One of the most prized attributes of your Bridge leather case is its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time.

When dealing with spills on untreated leather, it's essential to tread carefully as they can leave behind darker spots that pose a challenge to remove. Surprisingly, applying leather wax in such situations may worsen the visibility of these marks, rendering it an unideal choice. However, contrary to its impact on stain visibility, applying leather wax to untreated leather serves to nourish and shield the material. Moreover, it accelerates the patina process, culminating in a richer, darker hue that enhances the leather's allure.



Floater Leather

Outer Beauty & inner strength

Your brand-new Floater iPhone leather case is furnished with a delicate layer of lacquer aimed at providing initial protection, thereby reducing susceptibility to liquid penetration, including spills from substances such as coffee or water. In the event of such incidents, prompt removal usually allows the leather to revert to its original state. However, over the course of a few weeks of regular use, this protective lacquer gradually diminishes.To uphold its pristine appearance, it is advised to apply either a leather care wax or waterproofer cream, tailored to the particular usage demands of your everyday companion. Applying leather wax can further conceal any signs of a spill, though it may slightly alter the leather's appearance by enhancing its luster.On the contrary, when Floater leather case is pre-treated with our waterproofing cream, liquids are unable to permeate the surface. They can be effortlessly wiped away with a dry cloth, leaving no visible marks behind.


Caterina Leather

A true delicacy

In contrast, our soft Caterina leather, often utilized for interiors, tends to accentuate liquid marks. However, leather treated with a waterproofing cream exhibited resilience against liquid infiltration, maintaining its pristine appearance even when subjected to water, coffee, or oil exposure.


Pull-Up Leather

Develops natural patina

Finished with a blend of waxes and oils, showcases natural markings. However, neither cream yielded favorable results when applied to pull- up leather. If the leather was stained by liquid, the use of creams or wax exacerbated the stains, leading us to advise against their application on this leather type. You can harness the leather's inherent oils by delicately massaging the affected areas with your fingertip to diminish scratches or marks on the surface.


Proper care is essential for leather longevity.

Explore our instructional videos for guidance on applying Vaja creams. Your leather deserves the best care possible.