New iPad mini 2021

Maximum protection, Mini size

A new generation of iPad mini is here to fit in the palm of your hand. With a new all-screen design and powerful A15 Bionic Chip, the new iPad Mini 2021 has been announced and we want you to protect it with soft Vaja leather. For almost twenty years we’ve been dressing your gadgets and keeping them safe from accidental drops, scratches, and dust. Our coming soon iPad mini 2021 leather cases offer the protection you need and the style that you deserve. They are fully wrapped in premium Argentinean leather so you can keep your device safe while on the go.  Your iPad mini 2021 needs an extra grip and screen protection. Our Nuova Pelle iPad mini 2021 leather case features a reusable leather backing that can be used over and over again without leaving residues. It is the epitome of design for those who want to preserve the iPad’s aesthetics with screen and back protection. Our design team is currently working on this beauty and it is expected to be available in your favorite colors and leathers.

Perfect for day-to-day use

If you prefer a more protective design with four-corner protection, our Grip iPad mini 2021 leather case