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Leather Sneakers

Vaja Leather Sneakers


Today, Vaja Cases is much more than just leather products. IT’S A LIFESTYLE. our new leather sneakers collection was born to celebrate the past years of craftsmanship, the connection of something that keeps us grounded to the earth, and the symbolism of leather in our everyday life.

Vaja Leather Sneakers

It all started a few years ago with the first seed of a new idea in the mind of our design team. We wanted to create leather sneakers and shoes with the same iconic characteristics of our well know leather cases. We wanted a SUPER COMFORTABLE LEATHER SHOE that could stand the test of time handcrafted with the best available materials in the world. We traveled and interviewed over 30 footwear ateliers throughout Europe and America and that’s how we met Carlo and Remo in La Toscana, Italy. An Italian family that for generations has been crafting leather shoes for small luxury brands.

Vaja Leather Sneakers

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, artistic legacy, and great wine our first idea became possible in Italy. But now we needed durable outsoles and Carlo introduced us to Margom, the owner of a small family business for the best outsoles we could find. Founded in 1952 and now managed by his son Giuseppe and Francesco, they design low production volume of TIMELESS AND LONG-LASTING Italian outsole. After several tests, we agreed on a low-profile outsole based on great comfort and durability for years to come.

Vaja Leather Sneakers



Finally, and most importantly we needed the type of leather that our Vaja family is used to so we got on a night train to Monte Urano, in the heart of the central Italy shoe district. That’s where we met Luigi and Manfredo. Two Italian brothers whose leather is used on the most prestigious footwear creations. They personally select and choose the best Italian leather based on durability, resistance, and softness which later are tanned entirely according to Italian traditions, excellent quality standards were guaranteed with them. With that being said, and after months of effort, love, and LOTS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP we are thrilled to introduce our Urban leather sneaker collection. Each leather sneaker takes days to be completed, in a unique sequence where every step is made by hand. Designed for you, to elevate your steps.