iPhone 13 Leather Cases


Get ready to check out the iPhone 13 MagSafe cases. This year, iPhone 13 models will not face the same production delays as apple’s iPhone 12 lineup. In fact, they should be available by late September and we want you to have the protection you deserve, defining your style with our iPhone 13 MagSafe cases. Weve been protecting tech before tech had to be protected. For over two decades we have handcrafted luxurious leather accessories for tech and our iPhone 13 Pro collection will prioritize comfort, symmetry, and elegance. We know you want to stand from the crowd and dress your device to impress. Dare to be different and get a Vaja iPhone 13 leather case.

Just like owning a beautiful Maserati classifies you as a “Maseratista”, owning a Vaja leather case will show your desire for perfection and appreciation for high-end leather products.  We give you the opportunity to customize and personalize your own iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe case, shipping our made to last products worldwide. Take your iPhone 13 to the next level and select your favorite colors and leathers.


Some of you prefer minimalist grip cases with four corner protection, some others go for Folio, Wallets, or Top cases with screen protection and then you have those who choose gorgeous accessories such as the Nuova Pelle or leather backs. At Vaja, we’ve got them all for you. Defining your style in a responsible way is our priority, we believe in sustainability and excellent taste at the same time. Our constant energy fuels our creations and we strive every day to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our new iPhone 13 leather cases will be meticulously designed to easily click and pair with a new ecosystem of MagSafe accessories such as stands, charges, wallets, and mounts. Choosing Vaja to protect your new gadget is a journey that only a select few get to know. This September, our new iPhone 13 MagSafe cases will offer a huge variety of colors and leather to inspire your creativity. Almost any style, in any color, made-to-order. Get ready and immerse yourself in the world of leather through our exclusive iPhone 13 MagSafe cases.