Ken Leather

Ken leather comes from the Pull-Up family because it is finished with a combination of waxes so when the leather is stretched, the color becomes lighter in the pulled-up areas. The difference is that Ken leather is smoother and preserves dark and uniform tones. Marks, scratches, and signs of wear should not be considered a flaw and will not be considered for returns. At Vaja, we believe that these attributes and leather marks add character and uniqueness to the leather's inherent and natural beauty. Available in Toffee, Night and Carbon tones.



Ken Leather Cases




While it is possible to rub out some scratches in Ken leather with the natural oils on your finger or thumb, most marks and creases incurred during handling become a lasting part of the product. When rubbing out a mark, do it towards the opposite side of the scratch and you will notice the difference after a few seconds.