Custom Crossbody Strap

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Revamp the way you rock your crossbody leather case in an instant with our customizable iPhone leather strap for iPhone. We believe in giving you the freedom to express yourself, which is why our adjustable straps are available in various colors that perfectly complement your impeccable style.

What sets our iPhone crossbody leather straps apart is their versatility. They are not only adjustable but also detachable, allowing you to switch them up effortlessly as many times as you desire. Whether you're attending a formal event or enjoying a casual outing, our straps can be easily adjusted to suit any occasion. Elevate your crossbody leather case game to new heights and showcase your unique personality with every outfit.
(Leather strap length: 44.1 in - 55.9 in / 122 cm - 142 cm / Leather strap weight: 70 gr /0.15 lb)

Customizable crossbody strap