Custom stick on Leather Back for iPhone 14 Pro

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Handcraft process will take 20 days €130.90
  • Suitable for iPhone 14 Pro -MagSafe Ready -Available in Bridge, Caterina, or Floater leather -Easily attaches to your iPhone using reusable adhesive tape plus MagSafe magnets -Does not protect borders or screen -Handcrafted in Argentina.
Meet the stick on Leather back. Strong and gentle at the same time. An iPhone 14 Pro leather accessory designed to safeguard the back of your phone and camera lenses while still keeping it looking sharp. You can choose from many colors to make it unique, and it's easy to put on using special adhesive and MagSafe magnets. An uncomplicated design that's perfect for your iPhone 14 Pro. Not only does it have a great appearance, but it also feels great.


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