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Premium iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Leather Case

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Handcraft process will take 35 business days $109.00
Type: iPhone 6/6s Plus Custom

An ultrathin backbone made with hard Policarbonate. Covered with natural Argentinian leather skin inside and out. An iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus leather case that's built to last. No doubt. The lightweight frame provides structure, stability and safety. Inside, your phone will be resting on a fully premium leather lined bed. No compromises. Ever.

One of a kind.

Unique leather cases. Just one of a kind. Each Grip iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus leather case is assembled by hand. By our Master artisans, using ancient techniques blended with state-of-the-art technology. We select the best materials available. You choose the leather type, the colors. Endless possibilities. Built to order. We focus on one case at a time. Just slow and careful crafting, precisely mastered since 1999. Our iPhone 6 Plus/6s leather cases are Unique as you are. Just one of a kind.

Premium iPhone 6/6s Plus Leather CasePremium iPhone 6/6s Plus Leather Case

We call it Art.

At Vaja we take our time, Each experienced craftsmen works with one iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus leather case at a time, it starts selecting the right piece of leather, cutting it, splitting every piece to the exact width, embossing our iconic interiors, stretching the natural leather skin over the hard Policarbonate backbone without wrinkles, that's precision hand work. It takes time, is hard, precise, no Mass production. We call it Art.

Premium iPhone 6/6s Plus Leather Case

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