Grip Around iPhone 12 & 12 Pro leather case with MagSafe

  • Our team of leather artisans beautifully wrapped a polycarbonate shell with Vaja All-Weather Floater leather and printed an exclusive Colab design to provide you with a Unique iPhone 12 Pro Magsafe leather case. We are passionate about providing products to allow you to be wonderfully creative, remarkably unique…different.


    Hand sanitizers and leather are not friends. Even though is a good thing that we use them a lot these days, it is very important for you to grab your device once your hands are absolutely dry. The remains of sanitizers in your hands or accidental splashes over the leather case will end up creating serious stains. Alcohol which is a big part of sanitizers will dry leather out, discolor it and lead to crack it and deterioration. Printed leather cases tend to develop a vintage look over time and this will become more noticeable if the leather case is in direct contact with strong liquids such as sanitizers. The use of nourishing leather lotions and wax will offer much better protection from harmful substances like hand sanitizers, not only making them look good but offering extra protection.

    Evolution – Mutation - Protection

    At Vaja Cases we offer hand-made, iPhone 12 Pro Magsafe leather cases that ooze sophistication with all the practical features such as four-corner protection, black-framed camera eyelet, resistant polycarbonate frame for accidental drops, and MagSafe ready. The polycarbonate backbone is hard enough to protect your device, and the premium leather on the outside is soft enough to relax your fingertips in a sec.

    Around by Ezzek

    “Around” is a digital artwork from Argentinean artist, Ezequiel Abramzon aka "Ezzek" , that celebrates focus, contrast, tension, and pleasure, and it was created exclusively for Vaja. This piece is part of Awakenings, a series inspired by change and its ways to be experienced: innovation, evolution, mutation, iteration, adaptation. It marks a new phase in the artist’s work. Ezequiel creates dynamic worlds that combine fantasy characters, nature, objects and shapes. His signature black and white lines, drawings and paintings are an invitation to enter new themes through mesmerising compositions and intricate storytelling around the contrasts of life. Ups and downs, darkness and light, love and hate, sadness and joy, all and nothing, full and empty, density and openness. Every line is imperfect because is the result of the pulse. The speed, the pressure, the position of his hand and his energy in the moment.

    • Suitable for iPhone 12 Pro
    • Magsafe ready - compatible with Apple MagSafe Charger
    • Apple certified – Qi wireless charging compatible
    • Handcrafted in premium leather
    • Resistant polycarbonate frame
    • Premium leather lining
    • Limited edition Colab design
    • All-weather Floater leather
    • Black-framed camera eyelet
    • Handmade in Argentina
    • Specific port cutouts
    • Weight: 31 gr / 0.07 lb