Nuova Pelle leather iPhone 12 & 12 Pro MagSafe case

Color: Floater Black
Floater Black
Bridge Saddle Tan
  • Dressing your device in a sleek and elegant way is a must. Our Nuova Pelle is not a regular iPhone 12 MagSafe case, it is a second skin for your device and a must-have accessory that protects the back and front of your phone. The Nuova Pelle iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe case can easily click a new ecosystem of accessories such as stands, chargers, wallets, and mounts.

    Wise Features

    If you are a business person type and you are seeking simplicity, elegance, and extra grip, the Nuova Pelle iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe case features a hard polycarbonate backbone fully wrapped in soft Vaja leather, a stitched edging, and an adhesive backing that can be used over and over again without leaving residues on your iPhone 12 Pro. The MagSafe magnets located in the Nuova Pelle will make the attachment even stronger improving your charging and MagSafe experience.

    Unique and minimalist

    The Nuova Pelle can lay flat over any surface without compromising the iPhone’s camera lenses. Overall, it doesn’t add all that much bulk or weight to the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro. Each Nuova Pelle is unique and the leather requires an initial break-in period. If you want to show off your iPhone 12’s natural color and still keep it in a Vaja case, this is your only option. It’s a fine iPhone 12 MagSafe leather case.


    From day one to 100, your Bridge leather Nuova Pelle will weather but not wear out, creating a handsome, vintage character unique to you.

    • Suitable for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro
    • Easily attached to your iPhone using reusable adhesive tape plus magnets
    • MagSafe ready
    • Veg-tanned bridge leather and All-weather Floater leather
    • Slim design that acts as a second skin for your device
    • Hard polycarbonate backbone
    • Stitched edging
    • Reusable adhesive backing
    • Does not protect borders
    • "Build Your Own" option available here.
    • Placing Instructions