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Leather Back - Premium Leather Back for iPhone 6/6s

Color: London
Bridge Black
      • Premium Argentinian Bridge leather constructionBack to the Basics

        The Leather Back for iPhone 6/6s; so simple, yet so stunning. A single piece of hand cut, premium Argentinian leather adds a natural element to Apple’s thoughtful design. A modern pique pattern adds a unique texture and finishes off the look. Perfect for the minimalist who admires beauty and function in its simplest form.


        A Living Canvas

        Each iPhone 6/6s Leather Back is meticulously crafted by hand out of a single piece of our premium Bridge Leather. This leather only gets better with use, as its unique patina warms up considerably over time. Our innovative, adhesive backing insures a streamlined fit and can be applied or removed again and again without the fear of leaving a sticky residue.

        One of a kind

      • Unique pique pattern
      • Custom camera cutout
      • Innovative, adhesive backing for streamlined fit can be reused over and over again
      • Several color options in the customizer