MacBook Pro 16” Leather Suit (2019 version)

Color: Floater Saddle Tan
Floater Black and Caterina Black
Floater Saddle Tan
Floater Black
  • The new MacBook Pro 16” has enormous power built right in. It would be almost disgraceful to keep it naked, without protection. Our specially designed MacBook Pro 16” leather case is as strong as it gets, wrapped in premium Argentinean leather. We put together a hard polycarbonate backbone that fits perfectly around your MacBook Pro 16”and features a snap-on attachment system with 9 micro-clips. The perfect embrace for your device.

    Match your style

    We are well aware that your MacBook Pro 16” is stunning on its own. We rose to the task and made it even more incredible. Dress it in our rich, buttery leather for a timeless look and make a statement anywhere you go! Our exquisite Floater leather is the finishing touch your Mac deserves.

    Secure your investment!

    You don’t need to worry about grip, with the leather feet we embedded on our MacBook Pro 16” leather case. These are featured to make sure your device does not slide away while using it, adding extra grip. We even made sure each port has its specific cutout for more comfort.

    • Suitable for the new 2019 MacBook Pro 16" (Model A2141)
    • Leather feet adds extra grip
    • Resistant polycarbonate shell
    • Snap-on attachment system with 9 micro-clips
    • Available in premium Floater leather
    • Measurements: 36,2 x 25 cm. / 14.2” x 9.8”
    • New “GT” variant available now!
    • GT striped "Build Your Own" option available here.
    • How To install your case
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