Macbook Pro 15" Touch Bar Suit Leather case


    • Suitable for MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar
    • Suitable for Model A1707 Late 2016
    • Leatherized feet adds extra grip.
    • Extra tough Polycarbonate shell.
    • Snap-On attachment system with 11 micro-clips for extra security
    • Premium Floater Leather all around
    • How To install your case

Crown Blue
Dark Brown
Floater Black
Pampa Suela

A Unique Leather case that fits your MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar as a tailor made Leather Suit. A Unique stylish leather Suit, that protects your MacBook from everyday hazards while adding a premium style. A Hard Polycarbonate Backbone covered with Premium Floater Leather with 11 micro-clips that are super-easy to install and remove whenever you want. Our Leather Suit Case for Macbook Pro 15" Touch Bar adds extra protection and style without sacrificing access to ports, power cable and buttons. The precision-tooled Polycarbonate Backbone is super thin and lightweight, yet extremely tough, we added our Premium Floater Leather in 4 color options so you can choose the one that better fits your style. Its a unique master piece for those who love the Subtle leather touch on their MacBooks.

macBook Touch Bar Leather casemacBook Touch Bar Leather case

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