Customizable Nuova Pelle
iPad Air 2 Premium Leather Cover

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Less is unquestionably more with the Nuova Pelle Premium iPad Air leather case. A sleek, minimalist design wraps your device in luxurious, vegetable-tanned Bridge leather. Our innovative, reusable adhesive backing and proprietary magnetic closure system always insures a streamlined fit. As one of the slimmest iPad Air leather cases on the market today, the Nuova Pelle is a triumph of tradition and innovation.

Nuova Pelle Leather Case for iPad Air
Nuova Pelle Leather Case for iPad Air

Crafted by Hand

Each Nuova Pelle is meticulously crafted by hand out of our premium Bridge Leather for increased strength, durability and character. Bridge Leather requires an initial break-in period and only gets better with use, as its unique patina warms up considerably over time. Intricate design details like a finished edge, stitched border and embossed leather interior increases interest and charm.
Nuova Pelle Leather Case for iPad Air

Nuova Pelle Leather Case for iPad Air
Nuova Pelle Leather Case for iPad Air

Magnetic Attraction

Our proprietary closure system utilizes rare earth magnets to create a discrete, yet effective design that is safe for all electronic devices. This innovative technology works in tandem with your iPad Air 2 (Suitable for Model A1566 & A1567) to form a secure seal offering maximum protection with minimal effort and obstruction. Closing the iPad Air 2 cover automatically engages sleep mode to help you conserve power.
Nuova Pelle Leather Case for iPad Air

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