Nuova Pelle iPhone 13 Pro Max leather case with MagSafe

Color: Bridge Saddle Tan
Bridge Saddle Tan
STR Black and Tabaco
Floater Black
  • Sometimes we don’t want to cover the beauty of our iPhone, it is already beautiful the way it is but let's be honest, just placing it naked over a table may damage it for good and we must find a nice way to protect it. The Nuova Pelle iPhone 13 Pro Max leather case is a perfect accessory that offers front and back protection (not the borders), and it is absolutely gorgeous to the look and to the touch. It easily pairs with MagSafe accessories and it attaches to your iPhone by the MagSafe magnets plus a reusable adhesive backing that can be used over and over again.


    Once you dress your device with our Nuova Pelle iPhone 13 Pro Max leather case, you won’t be able to stop touching it. The strong leather aroma and the buttery soft Vaja leather are one of the reasons why this is a best seller. If you are seeking screen protection, not compromising the original beauty of the phone, and an absolutely beautiful accessory, we’ve got you covered. All Nuova Pelle Cases also require a break-in period for the leather hinge to soften.

    STR variant

    Each piece of leather of our STR variant is composed of Caterina Black and Bridge Tabaco leather. Artful handcrafted design, from our hands to yours.

    • Suitable for iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Apple MagSafe Charger compatible
    • Easily attaches to your iPhone
    • Reusable adhesive backing with MagSafe magnets
    • Washable adhesive backing for more than 100 uses
    • Slim Design with stitched edging
    • Does not protect borders
    • Fully wrapped in Vaja leather
    • Weight: 0.08 lb
    • "Build Your Own" option available here
    • Placing Instructions here