Nuova Pelle - iPhone 7 Plus case

Color: Verygrain Black
Legno Nero
Verygrain London
Verygrain Chili
Floater Crown Blue
Verygrain Black
Bridge Saddle Tan
      • Outside: Premium Veg-Tan Bridge Leather or Grainy Floater LeatherBook-Style iPhone 7 Plus leather case A superb book style leather case that wraps around and protects your iPhone 7 Plus from the bashes, scrapes and basic hazards of a busy life, but its original stunning appearance actually improves as the Veg Tan Bridge leather weathers and its unique patina matures over time.  You will admire the carefully hand crafted and tailored design, one of the slimmest you'll find at Vaja; which is enhanced by its classic stitched edging. You'll appreciate the new updated closure with rare earth magnets, that keep the cover firmly closed and the proprietary adhesive backing which allows repeated removals and reapplications but never leaves any residue on your iPhone 7 Plus. Choose now from five color options, offering hues from the vibrant to the muted, to both protect and enhance the appearance of your iPhone 7 Plus.

      • Proprietary adhesive backing that can be used over and over again and will never leave a residue on your iPhone 7 Plus.
      • New Magnetic Flap Closure with built in rare-earth magnets.
      • Hard Polycarbonate backbone.
      • Wrap around iPhone 7 Plus leather cover that protects the front and back of your iPhone from everyday hazards
      • Suitable for iPhone 7 Plus