V-Mag Mini Wallet for iPhone 15

Color: Floater Saddle Tan
Floater Black
Floater Crown Blue
Kobra Night
Floater Ruby Wine
Floater London
Floater Beetle Green
Floater Black and Rosso
Floater Deep Purple
Floater Gull Gray
Floater Saddle Tan
Kobra Jungle
  • Introducing the V-Mag Mini Wallet. A game-changer in the world of wallet accessories. This little gem magnets are 6 times stronger than MagSafe, it effortlessly attaches to your V-Mag case thanks to its embedded rare earth magnets with a unique force. keep in mind that it won't work with the MagSafe ring. This Mini Wallet for iPhone 15 is exclusively designed to be used with a V-Mag Vaja Case.
    Safeguard your essential cards in the most secure way possible, as they become fully enveloped in soft Patagonia leather. Begin with three cards during the initial week, and as the month rolls on, you can comfortably increase the count up to seven cards.
    Each Mini wallet is Individually handcrafted in small batches and offered in a array of colors to choose from. every Mini Wallet brings a transformative touch to your V-Mag case, turning it into a functional 2-in-1 iPhone 15 leather case. With the V-Mag Mini Wallet, you'll never have to stress about misplaced wallets again. Life just got easier, didn't it?

    • For use with iPhone 15 V-Mag Case
    • Compatible with V-Mag Add-Ons
    • 6x stronger than MagSafe
    • Patagonia leather
    • Magnetic Closure
    • Signature Vaja leather lining
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Start with 3 cards, and after a month, go up to 7 cards
    • Compatible with V-Mag System
    • Not compatible with MagSafe ring