Replaceable Inner liner for Vaja Pro Mask 1.0

Size: Red Small
  • EXCHANGEABLE and WASHABLE Showcasing your individual style is a must nowadays and if you already own a 1.0 Vaja mask you have the possibility to add extra inner liners so you have the prop-er time to sanitize each of them and keep the whole set clean every time you use it. Completely crafted with attention to detail, the Vaja replaceable inner liner is exchangeable and washable. It perfectly suits inside the Vaja mask thanks to a two clip magnetic system and two side elastic bands. The set of two magnets keeps the liner in optimal position avoiding the fabric to interfere with your mouth while talking and it prevents the entrance of microscopic drops into the mask when speaking, breathing or sniffing.


    Sustainability matters

    Think about it, we are about 7.5 billion people on earth, almost all of us need to wear a face mask to stay protected. What will happen if every one of us continues using a disposable mask every single day? Wearing a sustainable and replaceable liner is a way of showing environmental responsibility with our beautiful planet.

    Keep it 100% clean

    The Vaja replaceable inner liner is a new and simple way to protect your self and the ones you love with style. You can wash your fabric filter in a hot gentle cycle or by hand with antibacterial soap and air dry. Wearing a Vaja inner liner does not fully protect you from the virus and you should still respect social distancing, wash your hands deeply with soap for 2 minutes every 2 or 3 hours, and do not touch your face while out of the home.

    • Washable
    • Reusable
    • Exchangeable
    • Not medical grade
    • Available in multiple sizes