Wallet Agenda - Wallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

      • Thinner, lighter, policarbonate frame that's even stronger than before covered with Natural Argentinian leather
      • Offers one dedicated ID slot plus two additional Card slots
      • Internal bill compartment measures 14cm x 6cm - 5.5" x 2.4"
      • Premium vegetable tanned Bridge Leather outside
      • Matt Black Camera eyelet
      • Side cutouts accommodate Apple's new button orientation
      • Comprehensive four corner protection
      • No Mass production, Just one case at a time.
      • Endless color options available through our customizer (special order - you can't rush a good thing)

One for All

A slim leather wallet and a beautiful iPhone 6/6s leather case. It's the best of both worlds. Introducing the Wallet Agenda, our classic Agenda design with additional credit card slots and a dedicated bill compartment. Perfect for those who want to keep everything conveniently organized in one place. It’s the only thing you need to take with you when you go out - only one item to keep your eyes on. All your items in one place, just One for All.

Wallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather CaseWallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

Wallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather Case Wallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

  • Premium iPhone 6/6s Leather Wallet

    Soft and sleek to look at and feel, inside and outside. Enveloping all of your senses with that unmistakable, delicious smell of premium Bridge leather Inside and Out. The perfect compliment to your new iPhone 6/6s, with a bit of extra space too.

    Wallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather CaseWallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

    Handcrafted Precision

    Every VajaLeather Case for iPhone 6/6s is produced inside of our factory near the South Pole. No overseas mass production, ever. Just an incredible team of skilled craftsmen using ancient techniques combined with state-of-the-art technology. Handcrafted precision - that’s what Vaja is all about.

    Wallet + iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

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