Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather cases

Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather cases

Vaja leather cases add style to the electronics we use every single day, from ipads and tablets to iphones and smart phones to laptops. Our smart phones especially play a huge role in how we navigate our modern daily lives, becoming an essential accessory whether we are at home or in the office. Considering the hefty financial investment of our electronics, it only makes sense to protect our electronics in the highest quality cases and covers.

Vaja is a leader in the field of iphone cases, making each product from the softest premium Argentine leather and perfectly crafted design. From the moment you hold a Vaja case in your hand, you will immediately feel the difference. Each stitch is made with precision. The leather is perfectly matched to your color preference. Vaja offers clients more than just a case for your iphone or tablet. What you get is a true one of a kind piece that is as functional as it is elegant. Our intuitive cases are designed with your busy life in mind. We offer iphone cases that double as a wallet, making it easy to fit everything you need in one slim product that can easily fit in your pocket. When you consider that for many people a smart phone doubles as a phone and a camera, the convenience of being able to easily fit this one device into a pocket is ideal!

Vaja’s iphone cases are perfect for working professionals who want to cultivate a professional image in the office. We put so much thought into building a business casual wardrobe and dressing for the job we want, but do we put the same kind of effort in selecting our accessories? In most work environments, we are constantly on our iphones and laptops. Wrapping your electronics in the buttery goodness of soft, supple floater leather or earthy, delicate bridge leather is one of the best ways to exude style and sophistication while protecting your precious assets. Ordering Vaja’s products for holidays or work anniversaries are the perfect way to show appreciation for members of your team. Adding a monogram or choosing your employee or colleague’s favorite color is a thoughtful, appreciative gesture and is an excellent way to build rapport with your staff.

Starting with the iphone 6, Vaja has been designing top quality leather cases for every version of iphone since! In that time, we have perfected the build and design of each phone. For example, a magnetic closure option allows folks to easily snap their case closed, protecting their phone from outside pollutants. All ports and buttons are fully accessible, including an eyelet perfectly framed for your camera. Our products are MagSafe compatible, making for easy and fast charging. What our clients appreciate the most is the ability to custom-make a case that incorporates features important to them. Vaja’s clients become co-collaborators with our creative skilled team of artesians who custom-make each case. We aim to create covers that are beautiful, sophisticated, and timeless.