Home Essentials

Nothing beats a decor leather touch

After spending the last 20 years creating durable leather goods, we decided to take a look inside and see what other roads we left untraveled. This is how we noticed the answer was there all along, at the heart of our homes: the need to explore the world of home essentials. We find ourselves spending more time at home than ever before and we all want our places to look as beautiful and cozier as possible. Our Thai leather placemats will make every meal unique and they are designed to celebrate with those you love, even if it is over a simple dinner. Playing our strengths, we designed stunning yet resistant leather placemats that will match every dish, elevate the setting for that special occasion or even decorate your rooms effortlessly. Available in multiple colors, these leather table mats are completely handcrafted with all-weather Floater leather which makes it easy to clean after every meal plus, the resistant Floater leather will reduce noise pollution, softening the clanging of dinnerware and cutlery.

You can now mix and match and imagine your very own collection! Create a dark accent for your light-colored plates or even match your workspace color scheme. Those home décor details you love on Pinterest? Get everything you need here! Boldly go and combine a textured leather placemat with a leather table mat in a contrasting shade. No home essentials collection is complete without gorgeous leather napkin rings. Get them in a combo with their own table mats, or get several in the same color and dress your table to impress! The leather napkin ring holder is designed to keep your napkin neatly and tightly rolled in your table or in the middle of the plate. A warmer look for your table is now possible, surprise your dining guests with a complete experience of decoration and tasteful dishes.

Complete the picture with our leather coasters. Designed to leave you stress-free knowing glasses won’t leave stains on your furniture. Handcrafted with softly rounded edges, the Mediterranean leather coasters are also fully wrapped in All-weather Floater leather that prevents heat transfer from a steaming cup of coffee to the surface below it. The perfect match for your laid-out table. Our home leather essentials have the same formula that we use on every design: expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the best Argentinian leather.