iPad Pro 12.9" Leather Cases

Sophisticated detachable iPad leather cases, minimalistic Apple pencil leather case or our Classic Grip are only the beginning of our vast collection of iPad Pro 12.9” leather cases. Our leather cases are known throughout the world for their unique characteristics such as premium quality, high resistance and outstanding beauty.

When you first get an iPad and feel the cold aluminum in your hands, you know that you need to find a nice and non-bulky way to protect your new device. How many stories have you heard of people cracking their screen or scratching the back of their device? Don’t worry about those horror stories,. We know that you need protection and style... all wrapped up in one beautiful, stylish leather case.

Vaja gives you plenty of options to dress up your iPad, let’s start with our classic Grip. A super slim case completely wrapped with the best 10% Argentinean leather, with full corner protection. Once you feel the soft leather and its delicious smell you will never go back to those plastic cases. We are aware that some people prefer to have a slim case to protect the back side and some prefer FULL screen protection. We’ve got you both covered! Let us introduce our Detachable leather case for those who seek a luxurious style with a detachable smart cover, adjustable to multiple viewing and writing positions.

Both cases have precision port cut-outs, flash and camera eyelets to enhance your pictures, and the best part… They are smart keyboard compatible!

If you are more into the full and “envelope style” protection, check out our leather sleeve for your iPad. A fine handcrafted piece of art, designed to suit and protect your iPad pro 12.9”. Available in Veg-Tan Bridge leather or All-Weather Floater leather, this authentic beauty will make you standout everywhere you go.

Life is too short to hesitate, get a Vaja leather case and become part of our exclusive family.