Burro Leather Sneakers - Nero

Color: Nero
Size: 40
  • Say hello to the cozy Nero Burro Sneaker. where style and comfort come together in perfect harmony. Handmade with Italian Calfskin leather to complement any outfit With a sleek design and Lactae Hevea pure rubber sole, it feels like walking on clouds. This versatile black sneaker offers a sleek and polished look, making them a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions. Crafted in France with 100% natural virgin hevea milk, the exceptional rubber sole offers unparalleled comfort. Handmade by skilled Tuscan artisans, the Nero Burro Sneaker boasts an exquisite design that brings joy to your feet.

    • Handmade in Italy by Tuscan artisans 
    • "Lactae Hevea" sole (made in France)
    • Leather upper 
    • Lined with Italian leather 
    • Removable leather insole
    • Tightly sewn for extra resistance 
    • Comfortable cushioning 
    • Available in four tones (Latte, Nero, Terra, Mare)
    • "Return and exchange policy"