Leather cases for MacBook Air 13" (2020 & 2018)

The amazing MacBook Air 13’’ came to you with one purpose only: to make your life easier. Here at Vaja we share that purpose and we are keen on making it happen. If you already have a Vaja case you know we are all about quality and our love to share the distinct experience of a leather case in your hands. Feel free to browse between the different options we have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you got your hands on a MacBook Air 13’’ you clearly know portability and comfort are key. As these qualities become more relevant, we grow and adapt to them as well. Our stunning MacBook Air 13’’ leather case fits beautifully and helps you maintain this slim design, because nobody likes extra bulk.

These MacBook Air 13’’ leather bags provide you with protection against any accidental bump, adding beautiful style and the satisfaction of knowing you stand out in a crowd. Bring the ageless touch of our MacBook Air 13’’ messenger bag to the office or that café you love so much and make a statement. Already have too many things on your hands? The gorgeous and minimalist MacBook Air 13’’ leather bag will fix that for you.

For those times when adventure is all you can think of, let your MacBook Air 13’’ come with you inside our Explorer Notebook Leather Backpack. Beautifully handcrafted and made of the highest quality all-weather Floater and Bridge leather are the best match for your laptop. Invest in a superior home for your precious MacBook Air 13’’, invest in Vaja.