Top LP - Two-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

      • Thinner, lighter, policarbonate frame that's even stronger than before
      • Magnetic Clam-shell closure system using rare-earth magnets
      • Inside: Premium Leather
      • Grainy all-weather Floater leather

We call it Art

Skillfully crafted out of two pieces of premium natural Argentinian leather assembled into one flawlessly piece by hand with meticulous attention to every detail. It’s a hard task, just a few master artisans inside Vaja can achieve it. No rush. Just slow and careful crafting. Each “Top LP” iPhone 6/6s leather case takes several days to manufacture. We greatly value time and our Master artisans handwork. We call it Art.

Two-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather CaseTwo-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather CaseTwo-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather Case Two-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather Case


Choose our color combinations. “Top LP” Custom iPhone 6/6s leather cases by Vaja. Now you can find the perfect accessory to compliment your diverse style.

Two-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather CaseTwo-tone iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

Precision Handcrafted

Fashionable iPhone 6/6s leather cases. Smoothest Argentinian Natural leather. An exclusively designed Polycarbonate backbone shell with built in magnets. Only the best team of skilled craftsmen using ancient techniques blended with state-of-the-art technology.  Every Vaja case is produced inside our factory near the south pole. No overseas mass production. Precision handcrafted. That's Vaja.

Smart iPhone 6/6s Leather Cases


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