Preserving the Craft of Silversmithing

We hold a profound admiration for exquisite materials such as leather, silver, and wood. In 2005, an idea sprouted within us to craft a case that beautifully blended the the timeless appeal of leather with the allure of silver. The combination of these materials had always captivated our interest. Our journey began with the creation of handcrafted silver cases for devices such as the Palm Treo, Motorola Startac, and the iPod. The positive response from our esteemed clients gave us the confidence needed, We realized that this was just the beginning of the Silver Line—a new line of products dedicated to bringing together the finest silver craftsmanship with our passion for creating exquisite leather cases.


The Allure of Silver

Silver has always been a sought-after metal for making jewelry due to its rarity and beauty. Its shine, reflectiveness, and malleability make it an exceptional choice for crafting exquisite pieces that withstand the test of time. At the core of our process are our dedicated artisans, who use traditional manual techniques and tools, honoring the legacy passed down by their ancestors.


Crafting Silver: A Meticulous Process

Let us take you through the intricate process that turns our vision into reality. In our local workshop in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, skilled artisans and silversmiths meticulously shape each piece of silver by hand in small, carefully crafted batches. After a 15-day journey, the masterpiece is combined with leather, ready to dress up your beloved device. Silversmithing is not only an ancient cultural tradition but also a rarely explored craft, serving as the foundation of many of our Vaja silver collections since our brand's inception.

iPhone Leather Cases

The Art of Fusion: From Idea to Creation

To begin, pure silver granules (92.5% silver) are mixed with 7.5% copper, creating a durable and workable alloy. This alloy, known as 925 sterling silver, forms the basis of our craftsmanship. Depending on the piece of jewelry being created and the technique used, the alloy is carefully poured into a preformed mold, gradually taking shape. Skilled hands then shape and flatten the silver piece bringing it closer to its final form. The final touches add refinement and perfection to any of our seven silver accents available. leaving behind a flawless surface that captures the eye.


The Enduring Beauty of Silver and Leather

We understand that silver may tarnish over time. However, there's no need to worry! A simple polish is all it takes to restore its enchanting shine. We are well aware that the remarkable combination of silver and leather will likely outlast your cherished device.

iPhone Leather Cases

An Exquisite Work of Art

Today, our silver collection features seven designs that seamlessly complement our iconic iPhone leather cases. Get ready to transform your Grip, Top, Folio, or Wallet leather case into a true masterpiece. Whether you prefer the secure grip of our Grip case, the sleek protection of the Top case, the versatile functionality of our Folio case, or the practicality of our wallet leather case, you now have the opportunity to elevate your style and turn your device into a captivating work of art. To make your iPhone 14 leather case truly one-of-a-kind, we offer a personalized touch through our silver personalization service. Choose to have your initials delicately engraved in silver, creating a unique piece that reflects your individuality. Embrace the Silver Era and indulge in the timeless beauty of our handcrafted silver and leather cases. It's a Vaja legacy that transcends time.

iPhone Leather Cases