Timeless Bestseller: The Journey of Our iPhone Wallet Case

Today we are celebrating the 10th birthday of our iconic wallet leather case for iPhones. At the beginning, we thought it would be just another product in our collection. But now, we're really proud to say that the wallet has become our all-time bestseller. More and more people are enjoying it every day.

Wallet Leather Cases

Over the past decade, we've witnessed not only technological advancements but also a fascinating evolution in the design, functionality, and style of this fantastic case. Let's dive into the story of how our wallet leather case has changed over time…


You have endless options to customize your ideal wallet. Choose your preferred leather, color combination, add a monogram, or even include 925 sterling silver trims to create your dream design.

“I wanted to complement you on the quality of your products. My wife and I have the Wallet Leather Case with MagSafe. While loading our car for a road trip, we placed both phones on top of the car, forgot them, and drove off. About a mile from our house they fell off in the middle of a busy intersection. There had been a car accident there. The police found both phones in the debris and returned them to us. The phones were unharmed although the cases took a beating. Job well done, thanks!”Phil and Donna Adcock - United States.


A Nod to the Past

As we think about our first wallet leather case for iPhone 5 with a plastic id compartment, it's exciting to see how far we've come. Our inaugural design focused primarily on functionality, with a simple case that housed a few cards and cash. While it served its purpose, we were determined to blend aesthetics with practicality to craft a truly exceptional wallet.

Wallet Leather Cases
Wallet Leather Cases

In the years that followed, we embraced the art of craftsmanship. Our design team meticulously refined the credit card slots, crafting a more spacious profile that retained its functional essence. Our leathers became softer, adding a touch of uniqueness that resonated with our customers.


Shaping Identity: iPhone 7 to iPhone X

The journey of personalization began with the iPhone 7, where laser etching became a reality. Your wallet could now bear your name, initials, or company logo, making it uniquely yours.

Wallet Leather Cases
Wallet Leather Cases

Moving forward to the iPhone 8 era, we introduced debossed monogramming. This technique employed heat to press letters onto the leather, resulting in exquisite outcomes. This innovation emerged with the iPhone 8.

Then came the iPhone X, and we took customization to a higher level. We introduced a niche option that would be appreciated by a select few: .925 sterling silver monogramming crafted meticulously by hand. This option marked a step forward in our dedication to offering distinctive choices.

As the iPhone evolved, so did our wallet leather case. With wireless charging gaining popularity, we ingeniously designed cases that enabled seamless charging and MagSafe compatibility without compromising style or protection. With the increasing importance of security, we integrated RFID-blocking tech to keep your cards safe and for iPhone 11, our design team added a magnetic closure for extra safety.


Beyond Classic: Signature Wallets and the Rise of Kobra

Our design team wasn't satisfied with just classic styles. We initiated a trend of offering distinctive, signature designs that resonated with our clients. It all started with the introduction of the LP wallet a mix of different leathers that created a unique blend. Then came the STR variant, showcasing the juxtaposition of Caterina Black and Bridge Tabaco leathers.

Wallet Leather Cases

But our most popular style was born later. The GTR wallet leather case, featuring the fusion of Floater black and Caterina Rosso, emerged as our most beloved style. This design has gained immense popularity in recent times.

With the release of the iPhone 13, we ventured into the Kobra family. These leathers, boasting a snake pattern, debuted in Jungle and Black shades. And now, what happens next is up to you!


The Fusion of Silver and Leather in Wallet Cases

Imagine the fusion of .925 sterling silver and leather – the ultimate wallet case masterpiece. Through a collaborative effort between designers and skilled silversmiths, the journey from conceptualization to realization was embarked upon. It all started with the iPhone 6 when we made our first Silver Wallet. A silver trim named Argento.

Wallet Leather Cases

The Sustainability Shift

In the face of growing environmental awareness, we took a pivotal step towards sustainability. Our dedication to eco-conscious design led us to explore ethically sourced materials and environmentally friendly production methods.


Packagings made from 100% recycled paper, tough camera eyelets, and polycarbonate frames substituted with certified recycled Tritan Copolyester.

The result was a range of wallet leather cases that not only celebrated beauty and functionality but also reflected our commitment to a greener future.


The Next Generation of Wallet Cases for iPhone 15

Today, we're celebrating 10 years of making things easier, safer, and stylish. Over the past decade, we've kept the heart of our wallet while getting ready for a big upgrade with the iPhone 15.

Wallet Leather Cases

We're working on a special wallet case that you can detach and travel lighter than ever. Envision a scenario where your phone, a few cards, and a bit of cash are all you need while on the go. Stay tuned to learn more about our new iPhone 15 Wallet leather cases!