Grip - iPhone 7 Leather Case

Color: Bridge Saddle Tan
Bridge Saddle Tan
Bridge Charcoal
Bridge embossed London Leaves
Legno Nero
Bridge Embossed London M78
Piqué London
Piqué Black
Floater Black
Durango and Birch
Crown Blue and True Blue
Provence and London
High risk and Birch
  • Grip - Premium iPhone 7 Leather Case

    The Grip is an iPhone 7 premium leather case thats robust and created for long-term use, but it’s also slim and light. You can slip your iPhone 7 into your pocket and handle it with ease. You’ll also rest assured that your iPhone will be protected from scratches and other damage. The natural Argentinian leather adds uniqueness and charm to your iPhone 7 case. The polycarbonate backbone protects your phone without adding heft. The internal leather lining lets your iPhone nestle into the same softness that you’ll feel on the outside. When you combine all these, the result is a unique blend of modern technology and age-old expertise. These leather cases are not mass produced. Our Master artisans use time-tested processes to craft these unique iPhone 7 premium leather cases.