MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15" Leather Cases


Your MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15’’ gives you all the functionality you can ask for. Now that you have it with you, go the extra mile and make sure you keep it as protected as possible. We all know that the MacBook is a beautiful piece of technology, so we took it upon ourselves to take care of it and still keep it dressed up.

We put together a hard polycarbonate backbone that fits perfectly around your MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15’’ wrapping it with our top quality Floater leather. All of this, with the added confidence of buying a handmade case, crafted by our artisans in Argentina – the land of the leather.

As if these qualities weren’t enough, our MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15’’ Leather Case has 11 built-in tabs to make the installation easier than ever. With the leather feet we embedded on it, your suit MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15’’ Leather Case has a great grip to avoid sliding.

Here at Vaja we love to contemplate every need and pay attention to detail. So if you prefer to keep your device naked and still protect it from scratches, our extraordinary MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15’’ Leather Sleeve hits the spot. Our already praised sleeve design is greatly improved here, with the precise measurements to suit your MacBook. This elegant leather sleeve also has an embedded magnetic closure system so it doesn’t slip away. The soft and durable feel of our already signature leather design comes with interior lining so it’s even more padded.

Feel free to choose the one that best fits your everyday routine, knowing either way you go… you can’t go wrong when your MacBook wears Vaja.