PreOrder - Vaja Mask 1.0 - Full leather face mask (ships in 2 weeks)

  • Face masks are quickly becoming a part of our daily routine, many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them. As we lose our ability to communicate through smiles and visual cues with most of our faces covered up, we had to come up with alternative ways of making a first impression, and as leather lovers, we want to introduce our face mask leather protector.

    • Leather Face mask protector
    • Adjustable elastic headbands
    • Aluminum nose clip for a snug fit
    • Detachable magnetic Fabric filter
    • washable and reusable Filters
    • Multiple breathable vents
    • Exterior: All-weather Floater leather
    • interior: Soft Caterina leather
    • 100 % Handcrafted
    • Not medical grade
    • You can use a medical grade mask inside

Type: Leather mask

Vaja Mask 1.0 - Full leather face mask

Individual style and protection

The Vaja Pro-Mask 1.0 is completely handcrafted with premium leather, we used all-weather Floater leather for the exterior and soft Caterina leather for the interior. It features elastic and adjustable headbands, plenty of vent holes drilled into the mask, and a smart attachment system with 4 small magnets that fix the filter inside the mask and keeps it far from your mouth and nose so you can breathe normally, the filters or your reusable medical mask can be easily removed and washed. It also has a small pocket over the nose with a small aluminum nose clip for those who prefer a snug fit.

Vaja Mask 1.0 - Full leather face mask
Vaja Mask 1.0 - Full leather face mask

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